1Do we sell cannabis?
No, we are a marketing and advertising company.
2Do we only market the cannabis industry?
No, we market for a wide variety of companies.
3What are the cannabis laws for particular states?
Laws vary by state and even county. Please contact IWI Group LP for more information.
4How can someone get into the cannabis industry?
There are numerous avenues to enter the cannabis industry. Similar to other industries, there is a need for all aspects of business. Please contact IWI Group LP for more information.
5What are some ancillary businesses in the cannabis industry?
Ancillary businesses associated with the cannabis industry are: Marketing, Labeling, Consulting, and Packaging to name a few.
6Can you buy cannabis stock?
Yes, cannabis stock is available on NASDAQ and NYSE.
7What is the projected outlook for cannabis?
The outlook on the future of the industry is one of positivist and international growth reaching in the trillions.